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For the purposes of this profile, we’re only focusing on Payline’s services available in the United States. Payline (also known as Payline Data) is a payment processor serving businesses in the United States and Canada. Payline is ized to place certified quotes in the CardFellow marketplace, meaning that if you work with Payline through CardFellow, you’ll receive all of the CardFellow protections.
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First Data, Vantiv/NPC, TSYS, WorldPay, Elavon, TransFirst

Acquiring Bank(s)


Bank of Amercia, Deutsche Bank, TSYS Merchant Solutions, Vantiv, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank, Esquire Bank

If you’re looking for a payment processor, here’s what you need to know about Payline’s rates and fees, contracts, reviews, and more.

History and News

Payline was founded in Chicago in 2009. They are a registered ISO and MSP of Fifth Third Bank. In 2017, Payline was acquired by a company called Pineapple Payments. If Payline begins to operate only under the Pineapple name, we’ll update this profile to reflect that change.

What services does Payline offer?

Payline can provide traditional POS credit and debit card processing, a gateway and virtual terminal, mobile processing, and cash advances.

Traditional POS

If you’re taking credit and debit cards the “traditional” way (in-person, such as in a store or restaurant) Payline offers high-speed EMV terminals or the ability to reprogram your existing equipment. EMV terminals include chip and PIN card reader for transaction security. Depending on the specific machine, you may also be able to accept contactless (NFC) technologies like Apple Pay. Dial-up, ethernet, and wireless terminals are available, and the machines are PCI compliant.

If you’d prefer to use a tablet, Payline can help you use an iPad as your POS register. The iPad terminal can be used with a countertop receipt printer and an encrypting card reader for swiping cards.

Gateway and Virtual Terminal

Need to take cards online? Payline gives you the ability to process cards online with a secure and PCI compliant gateway from NMI, meaning you can also integrate with software or services that require the NMI gateway such as scheduling systems like Front Desk. 

The Customer Vault stores customer credit card data in Payline’s vault, not on your systems. Additionally, Payline uses tokenization and browser redirection to ensure payment security. With the virtual terminal, payments can be keyed in to charge or refund credit and debit payments. You can also create recurring payments and subscriptions and generate electronic invoices for faster billing.

Sick of keying in cards? A card swiper option lets you swiper cards instead of keying. Card swipers work with Windows and attach via USB port or Bluetooth, depending on the option. You can also read our article on taking cards with smartphones and virtual terminals for more information.

And, if you need it, the virtual terminal integrates with QuickBooks so you don’t have to switch to new accounting software.

Mobile Processing

More businesses are choosing to take payments with their smartphone or tablet. Payline has two services for mobile processing: Payline mobile and Flint mobile. The Payline mobile app is geared to businesses that process $5,000/month or more. 

Flint mobile is a partner service and geared to businesses who process $5,000/month or less. Mobile processing allows emailing receipts and tracking history. The Flint app does not use a card reader, but instead is used to scan the card. Cards can also be keyed. Data is encrypted at time of transaction for added security.

Cash Advance

Need some cash for business expenses? Payline offers cash advances to businesses that have been processing credit cards for at least 60 days and process over $8,000 in cards per month. You may qualify for up to $500,000, and the funds can be used for almost any business purpose from advertising to renovating.

Keep in mind that cash advances may be more costly in the long run than small business loans. However, for businesses that don't qualify for a loan, advances can provide an alternative.

What kind of reports can I run?

Payline offers so many reports, you might as well just ask what ones you can’t run.

Available reports include sales summary and sales detail, items sold summary and detail, items sold by employee or category, payment summary and detail, sales tax reports, refund reports, and more. Reporting for the virtual terminal can be customized to include batch data, detailed searches, and more.

Payline Rates and Fees

Payline places certified quotes through CardFellow, meaning that quotes you receive through us will be fully disclosed, priced with an interchange plus model, and with a lifetime rate lock.

Rates and fees are set individually for each business, based on your specific needs, industry, and more. 

To get a quote from Payline tailored to your business, simply sign up for free at CardFellow to get your quote.

What about contracts and cancellation fees?

At CardFellow, we prohibit cancellation fees. All Payline quotes through CardFellow adhere to the no-cancellation fee requirement. That effectively results in a month-to-month processing agreement. 


Payline is generally well-regarded as a helpful and transparent processor. In situations where complaints are posted online, such as with the Better Business Bureau, Payline has an active presence and responds to customer complaints.

Payline Reviews with the Better Business Bureau

Payline has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2014 and has an A+ rating. They have only had 2 complaint closed with the BBB in the last 3 years, and the BBB website indicates that Payline responded to both complaints. One complaint indicates that Payline initiated refunds on behalf of businesses. Payline acknowledges after researching the complaint that refunds were issued, but denies the accusation that they initiated the refunds, stating that they don’t do that. The other complaint relates to difficulties achieving PCI compliance and being charged PCI fees.

Payline Reviews on Yelp

Payline doesn’t have a big presence on Yelp, but does have two 5-star reviews for a total 5-star overall score. Reviewers compliment the company on helpful staff and good rates for services, as well as caring about their clients.

Payline at CardFellow

As a processor that places certified quotes in the CardFellow marketplace, Payline has signed a legal agreement with CardFellow dictating what can and can’t be done.

Payline’s contract with CardFellow requires them to use interchange plus pricing with true pass-through, commit to a lifetime rate lock, not charge cancellation fees, and not lease equipment, among other things. CardFellow stands by certified quotes. If you choose a Payline quote through CardFellow, we monitor your pricing to ensure everything stays as quoted.

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Unlike general web reviews, verified reviews are posted by businesses that have chosen the processor's quote through CardFellow's marketplace, and CardFellow has confirmed with the processor that the business is using its service. Businesses can update verified reviews at any time to ensure the review accurately reflects the processor's performance over time.

From ashley, on Feb 20, 2020


So far, it's a Wow. Everything has been great so far. Extremely fast and professional application and approvals process. Our rep has been absolutely wonderful. The company is so organized and professional, it really inspires confidence. And of course I can have confidence in the rates due to Cardfellow. Everything has gone so well (esp compared to our prior experience with another processor), it almost seems too good to be true. But you can rest assured I will update here if it is :-)

From conor, on Nov 30, 2017


Overall relatively happy UNTIL something goes wrong. For example, credit card machines were shipped out late, shipped to the wrong locations, and worst of all - the wrong type of machine was shipped. There is no "ownership" of a problem and constantly feels like its a game of "hot potato" when trying to get a problem resolved. No sense of urgency but the customer service team are polite and courteous.

From Leigh, on Sep 22, 2017


The fees and setup was great! After that things went downhill. No emails, ZERO customer service. Got a letter in the mail saying I'd been opted into some sort of regulatory thing at $90 per year. Called immediately, was still charged the fee. Difficult to resolve. Can't get a hold of anyone to help with another issue. Getting PCI complaint this year was a nightmare, the rep very rude. My account is locked every time I try to log in. Worst company ever. Switching ASAP.

From Nimit, on Sep 18, 2017


Switched to them from a very deceptive processing company with lots of extra fees. Couldn't be happier with Payline. They have clear easy to understand statements.Their rates are great and their customer service is very responsive. I have gotten a few extra charges for PCI compliance not being kept up to date because I forgot, but they will return those fees if I call within a reasonable amount time. No issues whatsoever.

From Gennady, on Mar 04, 2017


Just started but so far so good.

From Phillip, on Oct 27, 2016


New to Payline, but everything is going well so far. I've had a couple of minor questions and support has been very responsive.

From Rhonda, on Jun 17, 2016


Well, as I was searching for a better rate on card processing for our automotive repair business, I found CardFellow. Yes, I admit to being skeptical. "If it sounds too good to be true..." After visiting with CardFellow, who carefully explained the ins and outs of merchant processing fees, I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose? I found the customer service at PayLine to be great! We completed the paperwork and when I received my new machine, plugged it in, tested and began using it. I have now received my first statement. The fees are SIGNIFICANTLY reduced from my previous processor and the statement less confusing. I highly recommend you check it out. It takes very little time to put in your basic profile info and receive quotes from different processors. It really is that simple!!


Unlike verified reviews which are validated by CardFellow, web reviews can be submitted by anyone viewing this profile. While we validate these reviews as best we can, CardFellow does not verify that a reviewer is using or has used a processor's service.

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Posted by Jon on Oct 12, 2017


DO NOT purchase from this company. I have never had worse customer service in my entire life and I have been self employed with multiple companies over the past 10 years. I signed up for Payline Data back in early 2015 and canceled our service over the phone after 60 something days of using them. The representative on the phone was super pleasant and said no problem, etc. I just dove into my bank statements and come to find out Payline Data has been charging me 3 seperate charges for $75 -240 per month for different service fees of a service I haven't used in 2 years. I called and emailed them to get this refunded as there is an error on their part. They have charged me over $2,400 in two years which is a big deal for never using their service after 60 days. Know what they offered me to fix this? A $45 credit towards last month's bill. You may ask how I missed them taking money. They mask their billing to not stand out and make it so generic I thought it was other services that we were using. Come to find out, nope, it was them stealing money from my account every month. This is a such a waste of time now having my banking experts and legal team dealing with this now. Yay to being a small business owner. Long story short, Payline Data are crooks, DO NOT PURCHASE.

Posted by Gabriel on Nov 28, 2015


I came to Payline after being with BoA for more than 4 years for my salon. I've now been using them for a little over 4 months, but I'm very pleased with them so far. Right off the bat, their communication was much more personalized and timely. Their rates were very reasonable and transparent compared to BoA. My only regret is that I wish I'd known about them earlier. I like that they have an online interface to access your records and even gives you a little bit of analysis. It's a nice tool to have. I definitely recommend this processor.

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